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1. assembling a salad on a couch; a healthy snack or meal alternative for couch potatoes.

2. the odds and ends (Tator Tots, pennies, lighters, etc) that are found in between the crevices of the couch; in it's most literal sense, couch salad specifically refers to the lettuce found in salad - lettuce being slang for money.
1. a couch salad includes all of the salad "fixin's": greens, bacon pieces, cheese, croutons, etc. The greens are used as a vessel for the items listed above. A healthy, quick, and no mess alternative to normal couch potato fare.

2. "I need tip money for the pizza guy could you fish around under the couch cushions and grab me some couch salad?"
by Beth_The_Death February 16, 2008
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