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A couch gang is a gang of trolls on facebook who go around invading live videos asking to buy or auction their couch

They also call the person the opposite gender to make them more pissed off
by TrollGang January 09, 2018
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When the elite group from couch gang go looking for facebook live videos trying to buy a couch that had been promised.

Links include:

1. I was sent here from your craigslist ad
2. Mike Hunt sent me
3. Mike Hurt sent me ( Sectional 8 couches )
4. Ashanti sent me here for a couch

The Elite group of couch gang will wait until the auctionee places their shoe on their head to begin auction. Sectional 8 couches usually draw the best response.
Bro! I just got hit by the couch gang on my live vid! I ain’t go no damn couch!
by MmmmBobs January 18, 2018
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