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Cotton pussy

Noun or adjective

a very dry vagina from smoking marijuana. The vagina is semi lubricated but not enough for comfortable sex. A cotton mouth sensation in the vagina despite being horny and aroused. Due to smoking marijuana.
"Baby please use the lube down there, I have cotton pussy from smoking that joint!"
by absolutseth March 30, 2015
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The female equivalent to whiskey dick. Dry pussy like cottom mouth associated whith the dry mouth you get when you get stoned or smoke (420) marijuanna
Had to get out the K-Y jelly cause she had cotton-pussy. I said she was a coyote ugly but really my beer goggles gave me whiskey dick
by Dan Dandy January 27, 2008
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A condition experienced by women attempting to have sex after a long night of drinking and smoking marijuana. The over consumption of alcohol contributes to an overall numbing of the body and the marijuana dries every ounce of saliva from the mouth and natural lubricant from the vagina. This is made worse when the other partner (male or female) also has cotton mouth and there is no saliva between the two. Lubricant is the only solution.
Female: Damn it boy, you are so hot. I want you to fuck the shit outta me

Male: Come here girl!

Female: You feel so good...mmmmm

15 min later

Female: Motha fucker! I have cotton mouth bad and now I'm getting cotton pussy!!

Male: Shit, I got cotton mouth too baby! I'll grab some lube.
by DivaFagMagnet July 10, 2010
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The loss of sexual desire experienced by women immediately following consumption of marijuana. Likened to the feeling of dry mouth when consuming marijuana.
"Dude, I was all about having sex that night, but then I smoked and got a serious case of cotton-pussy."

Also can be used in the plural form, as in "I got a serious case of the cotton-pusies that night."
by Flyingtetas October 29, 2009
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When you partake in smoking substances that make your pussy inevitably too dry to penetrate.
I was so stoned he couldn't get it in because I had cotton pussy.
by Branya April 22, 2018
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