When a stoner won't stop complaining about having cotton mouth after smoking.
"Man shut the fuck up about your cotton mouth"

"But it's like someone shoved cotton balls in my mouth"

"Don't be such a Cotton mouthed Carl"
by Spootybeaver113 May 23, 2012
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Cotton Mouth Killer, or CMK, is an energy drink from Norway. It has blueberry and guava flavour, and is specifically designed to kill your cotton mouth. When your thirst is dire - an ice cold can of Cotton Mouth Killer extinguishes it like an ocean hitting a fire.
Thirsty guy: "Dude. My mouth is so dry. I would pay such large amounts of money for a delicious bevarage right now."
Friend: "Have a CMK, bro. Cotton Mouth Killer will quench your thirst."
by Javisst June 02, 2017
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