Your dick after using bad toilet paper to clean off seamen from masturbating. The paper deteriorates leaving fuzzy white remnants, making your penis covered in cotton.
Guy: Dude I jerked it like three times today and now I have the worst cotton dick
by W!LL July 2, 2008
Wrapping a cloth around the penis for a none traditional hand job.
Sue wrapped the corner of the sheets around Greg's penis for some harmless cotton dicking.
by MoonMarshall August 2, 2017
When it's humid outside and yo dick and balls start stickin to everything
by Eatdatgudpussy445 June 24, 2019
A girl who uses a cotton swab to gather seminal fluid from dicks.
Hey, stop that girl! She's a cotton swab dick chick and she's stole me cum. (say it in an Irish accent)
by PGVaginamort November 23, 2016
Taken from the christmas movie 'Elf'. A 'Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins was one of the lowest forms of insult, it's meant to cause offence. A term adapted to 21st century language.
by Jojo92 December 12, 2011