vaginal secretions of a largely obese woman.
With her legs spread part her cottage cheese was seeping out.
by qwerfds December 12, 2006
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money made at a drug farm. Cuz the drugs are planted outside, they sell em, the money goes to the little cottage thats at the drug farm, then they buy a lotta shit with it.
I got hella cottage cheese. I been selling coke.
by bojzzle September 25, 2004
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Cottage Cheesing is when you suck off an old guy and then spit the cum into a jar, let it harden, then chisel it out and smoke it. Then as your smoking it, it runs down your throat giving you a warm sensation throughout your entire body. It is called "cottage cheese" Because as it's settling in the jar it resembles cottage cheese.
Guy #1: Hey man, want to go cottage cheesing?

Guy #2: Sure I know where a bunch of old guys hang out, it's a great spot!

Guy #1: Awesome! I'm starting to run out of cum!

Guy #2: Ya me too!
by MarkLP May 11, 2010
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A replacement for the word cellulite, usually used to secretly talk about a girls cellulite behind her back. The root of the nickname stems from the texture of food itself.
Tyler- "HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THAT" (pointing at ugly chick)
Alex- "SHIIITTTEEE girls gotta nasty ass case of cottage cheese!"
Tyler- "True that mang, true dat"
Alex- "Wait we're white........."
Tyler- "Shit....."
by Alex "The Judge" October 06, 2010
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A woman's ass that is large, jiggly, and contains stretch-marks.
That stripper had a bad case of cottage cheese. probably because she eats too much of the stuff.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
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