A costume you wear to a Science Fiction Convention, ComicCon, or other event just to wear around the halls of the event. You have no plan to enter the costume in a contest (though you might be asked to if they don't have enough participants).
This is just my Space Ranger Flight Suit, a black jumpsuit with a couple of patches on it. I'd never wear this Hall Costume in the Masquerade Contest.
by Ozzie321 August 28, 2019
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"My man gave me a GHOST COSTUME when he got back from Thanksgiving!"

by froodley November 29, 2011
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When someone refuses to use the word "fursuit" and instead uses this monstrosity of a phrase
Some 5th grader: "So you are a furry?"
Me: "Yeah i guess"
Some 5th grader: "Then where is your furry costume?"
Me: Proceeds to be disappointed at the misuse of a very uncommon term
by OwO Chowder October 8, 2019
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A person who suits many different costumes and outfits, and looks good in all of them.
person: Are you sure that dress is for you?
Me: Yeah, I'm multi-costumed.
by MB's&not May 29, 2019
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While standing in the closet dress is your favorite superhero with a with a hole cut in the crotch watching two people have intercourse you masturbate vigorouslyinto each one of their shoes while maintaining a tight clench on your DC or marvel butt plug. At the end you jump out and say something like Shazam or gee Willis Batman and run away shamed by what you have done Allen crouch
Did you hear that somebody pulling in Allen crouch in a Batman costume the other day not in a pair of f****** doc martens the disgrace the funny thing is is that the butt plug fell out and it was a hello Kitty one not a DC One
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A costume choice made popular by the swinging community in the late 90’s. The couple who arrives wearing this is meant to indicate to other swinging couples that their preference in the bedroom is anal sex. The person who wears the whiskey outfit is said to prefer to receive, where the cola wearer prefers to give. There are several variations of this costume since the 90’s, including Jack & Coke, Jack & Ginger, Whiskey & Cola.
Oh my! Can you believe Mark and Karen showed up in a Whiskey and Coke Costume? Do you think they know what it means?”
“Oh, I bet Mark knows what it means!”
by Bobby Butt Stuff October 16, 2021
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