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the random pieces of costumes or excess materials from making costumes found strewn about a living space once a big event that involves multiple costume changes and/or consecutive late nights out, such as Fantasy Fest week, is over. Usually includes masks, tutus, foam or stuffing, scraps of fabric, tests of painting techniques, wigs, and glitter. Also, when arriving home after a long night, a costume may be rapidly "dropped" giving the "Wicked Witch of the West melting effect".
After a week of partying, it was time to clean up the costume shrapnel of tutus, hula skirts,masks, and glitter to get ready for the holidays.

Fantasy Fest was fun, but the family is coming for Thanksgiving in a week. Time to clean up the costume shrapnel so they won't find out about THAT outfit!
by pharmgrl2001 November 02, 2012
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