omg he's soo hot and i want to have him as he's sexy ass. when I walk passed him my heart drops and my mind floats to another planet called love island. Hes short and charming and his voice is the hottest thing ever.
omg costa<<<< shes waiting for youuuuu come for her...................
by meefee June 18, 2019
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You have inside jokes with this guy, even though he kind of weird he always makes you laugh. Nothing can ruin the mood of this kid once he gets going
Friend: Costa tell us a joke

Costa: okay so gold walks into a bar and the bartender looks at him and says a u... /cackles
by Tiagoel May 13, 2017
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Going to Costa Rica to legally bang prostitutes. Generally used as a disguise to a wife or girlfriend.
Bill: "wow, you got a tan where have you been"
Jon: "fishing in Costa Rica."
Bill: "oh yea what did you catch"
Jon: "two russians, a columbian, and some kind of asain"
by Yanks29205 December 4, 2013
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future husband to all, washes glasses after he uses them.
"omg he's a Flynn costa, I'm gonna marry him someday"
by Hayden O'Neil February 16, 2022
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