Pedro is really one of a kind. He’s amazing at everything and is a lovely person. He’s often seen playing video games and showing his knives, however he can also be seen in the woods a lot and he loves training. He’s unlike anyone anyone will ever meet and he’s so sweet and funny. He also has a crazy girlfriend that loves him with all her heart and soul.
“What’s Pedro Alexandre Nunes Costa doing?”
“He’s playing warzone.”
“Really, I’m surprised he’s not training
“I’m surprised he’s not on a call with his girlfriend”
by Samisonecrazybitch April 16, 2021
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a man who likes a girl across the country and won’t like any others because it’s not her.
jacob costa- “bro i can’t get over her
evan- “bruh she moves across the country”
jacob costa-“don’t care. i only liked her and not my 100 other gf’s i could have”
by king69420 July 1, 2020
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A jiggly ssms.
Look its a 387 pound Jamie Costa! look, at how fat she is!!
by Tim aber March 8, 2019
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A sweet, friendly, and athletic girl who for some reason likes a dude named Sebastian Deerson. I still don't know why... Also very pretty<3
Juliana Costa says how hot Sebastian Deerson is all the time and uses her body pillow for dat
by ImSeb July 1, 2021
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The cutest boy in the entire world.Extremely sweet and stupid but romantic. I love it when he told me that he loves to listen to my babblings.And I like him so much.
I fell in love with Alfred Costa but I didn't confess to him.It's because its still not the right time and it is driving me crazy.I miss him every day and night.
by Somebody is waiting 😢❤ August 19, 2019
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he's sweet, lovable, cute and i want to kiss, hug, cuddle and fuck him 💖💖💖💖💟💞💞💞💞❤💘💘
try to steal Carlos Costa away from me and I'll blow your brains out with a shotgun
by ohhhyheaonroblox August 24, 2021
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