A lady-friend you doesn't give you the vacation you paid for.

Also, a drink. Mojito w/ 5-hour Energy.
That wanky bitch wasn't playing shit. She's a real Costa Rican Blue Baller.

Ooh, I'll have a Costa Rican Blue Baller with extra mint.
by pricybread August 9, 2010
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White and tall asian dude...okay not so tall afterall.the most intelligent player on the field due to his ever processing brain of a robot.its flattering to say he is the most intelligent player thou.kekekekeke.A player with high commitment.bishan to hougang is no joke.
by Niggapeh September 7, 2011
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A gay faggot that likes to be retarded most of the time
Damn that dude is a Micheal Costa
by Damn Boy Im Noone June 20, 2019
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Old bald engineer

Very knowledgeable, very grumpy
Can it connect to the database? Miguel Costa said no.
by monteabraaofacadas December 27, 2018
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He is the best person in bed, and he is a god ate fucking industry! He is also known as BigPaiva and PaivaDelas!
Mateus Costa de Paiva has a huge dick!
by FuckUMqster November 25, 2021
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K -12 private prep school for Costa Rica's elite. The school that the children of important diplomats and businessmen attend. Kids go to a variety of US schools post-graduation (from Brown, UPenn, Gtown to Penn State, Pepperdine, LSU...)

Kids who go here are a combination of smart, obnoxious, and sometimes preppy. Parties organized by these spoiled kids are sick; the drinking spirit is strong. Expect instragram posts of yachts, vacation trips to ski resorts, thailand, and lots of expensive swimwear.
You go to lincoln school costa rica?


Fucking "pipi" (costa rican slang for "spoiled brat")
by CR Insider January 31, 2016
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