A very lovely cosplayer who rarely misses with her cosplays! She has a ton of cute cosplays
by derederedragon April 02, 2021
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A tiktoker/YouTuber/ Instagram celeb who posts cute cosplays, most notably being there kokichi (dangonronpa),candy girl Tracy (idv), and there many hand sewn Hatsume, miku dresses also one of the owners of crystal.crow cosplays and cloths.
Lynix.Limeade/lime/cos is very pretty
by Fluffy clouds January 03, 2021
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Alice: hey do you follow lyric..cos?
Kate: No
Alice: well you better start following them!
by 5738384 March 16, 2021
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a stinky cosplayer in the enbychrollo cult. their nickname is t0r13l___ lol
damn i really need som m00n_.cos bro
by m00ntheestallion March 12, 2021
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Someone that find something that is almost impossible but somehow finds a way to break it.

It could be on purpose or accidental. Either way that person finds a way to fuck something up.
Logan: What's the matter Toby? Toby: Well... I fucked a girl who had her tubes tied and was taking birth-control, and i was wearing a condom. Logan: So? Its not like she's going to get pregnant. Toby: Logan... I'm going to be a father in 4 months. Logan: Ha, bro, your a fucking Ne-Co-Ni-Cu-Zn-Ga!!
by CommandersPalace1 November 12, 2013
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some Kou kinnie that wont stop taking about Mitsuba.

hes the junko cosplayer that passed out btw
"Hey have you heard of phrog_.cos?"

by gay people....... March 20, 2021
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