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Large-scale practice of committee mentality within a corporate entity, (see corporate personhood).
To my phone company: You reassigned this phone number to me 6 months after you took it away from the deadbeat who didn't pay his phone bill. Why can't you understand that it's no longer his phone number? Just because you can't find him, is no cause to harass me!

Another person to his phone company: Of course I received your message that the replacement for my broken phone is ready to pick up - just as soon as I got the replacement phone and checked for messages.

Me to the Yellow Pages publisher: Of course I wanted to be listed in the yellow pages under my business name. You offered me a listing in the Yellow Pages because I'm listed as a business in the white pages didn't you? Do you see anyone else listed in the Yellow Pages by their personal name?
by Downstrike November 11, 2004
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