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Ancient Chinese retaliatory maneuver in which a male blocks his testicles from being kicked by a female and instantly drops to his knees and punches the female in the vaginal area causing intense pain and simultaneous shame
Jan tried to kick frank in the balls but he countered with a cooter punch that shook her ovaries loose.
by thesircus January 10, 2009
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To hit a females ovaries/front vagina area. you are not actually punching the baby box. It is usually done with one arm extented fully with a fist, the other covering the attackers genitals.(Just incase the victim counters).

Usually starts with a group of crazy females, and ends with all of them covering thier genitals, hunched over, in pain, and very jumpy.

something exremely stupid/insulting was said by the female.

getting that bitch back.
She just cooter punched me so bad, I think I'm infertile.
by Menou. April 28, 2006
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When you slurp a female's cum out of her vagina
"I'm gonna go get me some of that cooter punch today," said Tommy
by MetalStoner420 May 24, 2018
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