usually someone from the west indies who looks partly indian (whether it be features or hair)but who is black. Sadly some coolies think they are above other west indians simply due to the "quality" of their hair.
shanaynay: wow gurl how did u get ur hair to curl like that?
shayqwan: i didnt do anything, im COOLIE!
by coolie_chick May 01, 2005
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Originated in India, where as the East Indian people call a baggage handler.
by Brando January 01, 2004
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Boy, as soon as I slid two fingers in the cooch and one in the coolie she went bonkers!
by bomb biscuit January 29, 2004
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A person's asshole.

Commonly used during Pentacost, althought some cultures (Micronesian aboriginees, Liberated WASPs) tend to ignore that rule and drop it like the stock market during Lent and Advent.
Hey... is there something in my coolie?
by vitirio March 21, 2005
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A West Indian of East Indian descent(a brown person)person who calls themselves a coolie may often think highly of themselves. Usually only coolies refer to themselves as coolies. They are sometimes highly racist or culturist when it comes to discriminating against people who are East Indian not of the descent. Most coolies are from Guyana (about half the population is brown and the other half black), then the rest mostly from Trinidad. The majority of Brown people acting like Black people are coolies. Coolies have also developed the main accent that is found in the West Indies.
(Not all coolies are this way just a lot of them.)
Even some East Indian people disapproved of Sara's behavior. They said she was a coolie and tried to act Black.
by Morrisona July 15, 2004
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