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adj. Achieving a higher social status through association with a popular person. These people will never rise to the same social status as those they emulate. They are invited to "cool people" social functions, however, if they bring someone of the opposite sex with them they must be of the same social status. This is because a true popular person would never become involved with someone of lower status. This is primarily common in a high school setting because of the various social groups.
Dave: "Why did Bret bring Gina to the prom?"
Sam: "Gina is the quarterback's sister's best friend."
Dave: "But she's a big time softball thickie!"
Sam: "Doesn't matter, they're cool by association."
Dave: "Oh I get it. Bret is Blake, the quaterback's, friend from Little League. Gina has been Blake's sister's best friend since grade school. Neither of them are popular enough to come with Blake or Cindy so they are here with each other."
Sam: "Cruel, ain't it."
by Lomonte95 July 07, 2006
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