The most badass man on the planet. Formally known as alexander the great, napoleon, and brock lesner. This bad ass (conger) will kick your ass in a total beat down in 30 seconds. Maximum
by napoleon55565258 October 15, 2010
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A benchmark of gayness. Applies both to the real (or implied) sexuality of a person and the derogatory usage often utilised by teenagers. Used extensively in South West England, although the phrase is now becoming commonplace amongst hard-drinking northerners.
1. "Dude, look at that mincer, he's gayer than a conger."

2. "Man, I hate those jumped up admin assistants; what a bunch of congers!"
by oyon December 01, 2006
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Male Homosexual that is flamboyant about it and acts outwardly gay yet claims to be straight. Often are married and try to conform due to social pressure or religious belief but are genuinely only attracted to and fantasise about men.

Often deeply resentful and angry due to a feeling of being trapped in a life that is a lie, also ashamed as they visit male prostitutes to fulfil their sexual desires.
WTF dude, David is married? But he has to be gay and even offered to blow me! First rate Conger.

Famous example: Ted Haggard
by Charlie28 January 31, 2010
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When you Catch a conger eel that fights so hard it could hold 2 belts in ufc
I went fishing the other night and caught a fucking conger mcgreggor !
by Conger mcg December 03, 2016
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a penis that never becomes fully erect, even during ejaculation
brittney was VERY dissapointed. she expected a throbber and he only had a conger eel
by theWestHamfan November 17, 2003
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Congers, NY is the ghetto of rockland county
In Congers, NY the owner of an icecream shop was sliced across his stomach and got his ear ripped off.
by E. Gio June 29, 2006
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