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Condyle acousticophobia is the fear of cracking bones.
Condyle meaning the joint between bones.
Acouticophobia being the fear of a sound.
Condyle acousticophobia is triggered by the sound of cracking bones but can also be triggered just by looking at someone cracking their bones and depending on severity of the phobia can even be triggered by the thought of it.
Symptoms include:
- Sweating

- Swearing

- Screaming

- Nausea
- Dizziness

- Vomiting

- Increased heart rate
and many more depending on the person.
Person 1 - *Cracks knuckles*
Person 2 - Ahhhhhhhh! Are you kidding me! You crazy person! STOOOOOOP!
Person 1 - What?!
Person 2 - I have condyle acousticophobia!
Person 1 - ...?
Person 2 - Just don't ever crack yo bones near me again!
by Heyyy It's Meeeeeee September 08, 2018
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