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An extremely annoying but relatively common theatrical routine performed by certain types of local hipster musicians that seems to come easily, requiring little rehearsal in advance. While all creative people are understandably prone to a certain degree of self-absorption, these individuals are forever engaged in obnoxious self-promotion campaigns, celebrating their musical endeavors in a manner designed to give the impression that they are infinitely more successful, talented, and adored than the everyday, basically unknown “artist.” Recurring themes include: stating that they could—but won’t—drop names (and then dropping them), backhandedly complimenting your own efforts (with a smirk), and offering to do everyone a favor by playing their latest “demo” at parties. As with all such routines, the ‘condescending, self-regarding, celebrity-in-the-making musician act’ is nothing more than a sad attempt at obscuring the truth (which is that they have cushy but unfulfilling day jobs), as well as an opportunity to wear those gay fedoras.
Dude #1: Are you going to Dan's tonight?

Dude #2: I’ll pass. I need a break from his condescending, self-regarding, celebrity-in-the-making musician act.
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