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someone who has the audacity to do the type of shit that people would beat her fucking ass for then acts like everyone doesn't tell her that and continues to act uppity and tells you that you're wrong. this person will do sooooo much annoying shit to you and 9/10 they live in a house with you. don't worry they're aren't really doing that well in anything really. sometimes she'll even be a fake ass bitch in public to and act like she doesn't do the shit that she does. and she'll lie so you better have your facts straight when you're telling a story.
*steals some shit from you then you find out but don't say shit then does some other stuid shit and whe you do something you have this convo* "why did you ________" "well you're always doing ______ to me" *and in your head you're thinking, "biiiiiiitch you did not just say that shit"*
"you are such a condescending ass bitch get the fuck up outta my face"
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