A place where students actually pay for their education unlike University Students who's parents spend $45,000 a year so they can major in basket weaving. Community colleges are for people who are really career orientated unlike University students who can party all night every week, not study, and pay the professors off to give them a C average. Even though community colleges might lack some social atmosphere, some have plenty of clubs for students interests who can join to meet new people and develop friendships which an alternative to the traditional University fraternity/sorority where people become warped and mind controlled by a sick diabolical satanic frat leaders with no empathy for humanity and who have been groomed to be elitists. 1.5 million students attend community college around the country. Their are many career choices at CC to choose from and you spend a lot less money. Some CC's are even better than some Universities in terms of class size, cost, educational environment, and professors. CC's tend to be even more culturally diverse than Universities because certain Universities only accept rich white kids (waspy) because their families have certain connections and descend from medieval royalty.
"He graduated from community college with an associate degree in Landscaping & Horticulture. He started his own landscaping business and is living well off."

"He graduated from a prestigious University with a engineering degree but can't find a job because all the engineering jobs have been outsourced to China and India. Now he's washing dishes at TGI Friday's trying to make ends meet. The economy sucks."
by IspeakLatin August 10, 2009
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a school which fools non college material high school kids into thinking they are college material, just to get their tuition money.
Delaware county community college(Media, PA) suckered me into taking 4 years worth of classes for a worthless 2 year degree.
by Big D May 02, 2004
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Named because they have an obligation to accept anybody in the community and the only reason is that the person lives in that township. High school is not necessary for attending a community college. The SAT or ACT is not necessary either. You can answer every question with the letter 'A' and still get accepted into a community college. The dumbest of the dumb shit can be admitted, and the brightest minds of the universe can enter. It is guaranteed to suck ass and destroy the futures of all attendees as well as be a serious time waster. It is a very inefficient method of receiving an education.
Rachel: Don't you teach at a community college?
Ross: No, I teach at a prestigious university.
Rachel: Isn't it true that your male students pretend to be gay and be in love with you just to get an 'A' in the class.
Ross: (dramatically) THAT HAPPENED ONLY ONE TIME!!!!
by FriendsFanForever January 18, 2010
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a place full of clubs, students, and faculty that all blow ass
I want to die because i go to community college, it blows ass
by mcba September 18, 2017
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An institution that society uses to further sort, sift, and weed out its members into basic categories of winners and losers.

While some students will succeed in community college and obtain a vocational credential or transfer to a 4-year school (both of which are noble) many will find it just as difficult as their high-school experience and will drop out and work in a menial job for the rest of their life. Others will graduate with an Associate's degree in nothing special and will find jobs pretty much as inaccessible to them as if they only had a high school diploma or equivalent.

Either way, society helps its members find their own level, giving those with merit the opportunities they deserve while preventing those who don't meet a basic threshold of academic aptitude (or intelligence/ambition/discipline) from obtaining a degree they surely DON'T deserve.

Of course, this is NOT what CC's themselves SAY they exist for--it's what they ACTUALLY DO.
"I hate high school. I think I'll go to community college after I graduate/drop out." That won't work out.

"I'm going to the local community college to get my paramedic's certification."
by Teacher of Mushy Minds February 16, 2012
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A college that primarily offers 2-3 year diploma programs; often refereed to rather condescendingly as junior college. In Canada, Community College is generally known simply as College while four-year degree programs are normally taught only at a University.

Generally, focuses on a more practical, hands on approach rather then a theory heavy approach. Also has much less focus on the academic subjects and more on technical ones (although most programs will have at least some academic subjects but they’re not the focus).

Usually costs far less then a four-year degree program type of college and is often a more practical option for people that don’t want tens of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans.

People tend to look down on community college because of its technical focus rather then academic focus. They seem to feel that anyone not strong academically is stupid. People that think this way seem to forget that not everyone is academically inclined and everyone learns differently (hence, why there are different options for education).

Many go to Community College because they cannot afford the privilege of going (away) to a four-year college or university.

In short, Community College is another option for education that has a technical rather then academic focus.
I went to Community College because I wanted a technical, hands on approach that woulden't leave me tens of thousands on dollars in debt.
by anonymous October 20, 2004
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The most boring place to get your education. The classes are bland, the people are stupid, and getting a true college experience is nearly impossible. Generally, all of the ghetto fuck boy clowns from high school go to community college thinking they're gonna party and have a great time, but then realize they have nothing to do, especially since their retarded friends are no longer following them everywhere. Basically a place for lifeless, hopeless university rejects. Thank god i only have to go for one semester!
Person 1: Dude hows community college?
Person 2: Bruh it blows. Its so fuckin boring Im surrounded by rejects
by keepemrunningbabe December 29, 2015
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