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A few simple "no brainer" rules that, if we'd all follow them, would make posting/reading paper ads/notices a much more pleasant and peaceable experience for everyone involved.
The "perfect five" rules of community bulletin-board etiquette:
(1) Each poster should be limited to one message per board, unless he is posting two or more "unrelated" ads/notices.
(2) Notices should be a maximum size of an 8-1/2X11 sheet of paper --- don't selfishly hog a whole gigantic portion of board-space with those 0%!$&@# huge-a** blaze-orange/fuchsia/chartreuse banner-sheets from da Dollar Tree's art-paper bin!
(3) Only attach notices to a blank portion of the board --- don't imperiously plaster your poster over everyone else's, regardless of whether you think your message is so much more all-fired important! If there’s insufficient room, make at least a half-a** effort to solve the problem rationally/fairly --- shift other people's sheets around on the board to form a "tighter" grouping, seek out and remove any "obsolete" (event-dates that have already passed) messages, etc.
(4) Don’t use the last “empty” thumbtack/pushpin on the board, or snitch one from someone else’s page! If the supply of available fasteners is running low, add a few tacks/pins of your own! Plus if you see someone else’s poster dangling/flapping by just one corner, pin it back up again.
(5) Choose a spot on the board that’s appropriate to your ad’s subject/urgency. If it’s about a lost/found valuable, super-important event, or desperately-needed item, place the ad near the center of the board. But if it’s merely a “for sale” ad or general notice, place it near the board's top/bottom/sides.
by QuacksO July 24, 2018
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