1 ... People, objects, and descriptive social interaction of these things together, which in the brightness of light, can objectively be viewed in hues offered in the color spectrum, with each of those colors being able to be filtered out completely by the color black or the color white.

2 ... In socialology: .... The colorful arrays of cultural expressionism from a society of people.
We are all colored by the societies of people we associate with.
by .bad. robot March 9, 2015
That actor rocks in color.
That band sucks in color.
by Kelly Bloom March 21, 2007
A lazy african american, typically not allowed into 1930's American stores or restaraunts.
by Dontattackme September 19, 2008
A theoretical sub-tier of racism that is both invented by and about non-white people who are too scared of calling themselves racist.

Also used to accuse non-racist people of racism without using the word itself.
Person 1: They cast people of color in this movie.
Person 2: But the director employed colorism; all the actors are white!
Person 1: But they're literally Native American and Brazilian...
by dontspeak5me August 27, 2020
yellow, blue, red, green, black, brown, etc...
by imma bitch June 5, 2003
Something that we all are. Colored does not just mean Black anymore, that is only a stereotype. Here's a list of what color a race is associated with:

Native Americans=Red
It shouldn't matter what color you are. I am accepting of all races. There are people of every race that I don't like, but that is the same case with everyone in the country.
I honestly don't care if your white, black, red, purple, or orange, race is not an issue with me!
by The Kentucky Yankee December 10, 2004
mistakenly thought of as an "object of color", however there is no color 'out there.' Color is merely certain nanometers of electromagnetic energy that (lucky us) our eyes can register as color. Most electromagnetic energy cannot be processed by our eyes, for example, radio waves, or radiation. Thus what we see is only because of our eyes.
guy: hey Stac look at that "colored" person eating a burger.
stacy: wat are you talking about Guy?
guy: umm duh, that black person over there.
stacy: gosh, you're soweak-minded!
guy: wat did i do?
stacy: well for one black isn't even a color and secondly color is only what we see as electromagnetic energy...so yea,
you're just confused and miseducated Guy.
guy: so wat is color?
stacy: good question since no color exists as color lol.
guy: ya lol.
by the creatorx1 December 29, 2009