If you’re ever lucky to find someone with the name Colombia, keep them. They are a nerdy character with a little cute smile. Colombia dosent like to fit it with the crowd they like to hide in the back with a bunch of weirdos. Colombia isn’t pretty/handsome at all, they aren’t noticed by anyone special which makes Colombia happy. Colombia doesn’t want to be noticed. By keep Colombia as a friend and they will appreciate you.
Ew look it’s Colombia that weirdo
by Smol_animekid October 31, 2019
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A beautiful south American Country bordering Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. Known for beautiful girls, nice beaches, the best coffee, and the finest emeralds. Main language is Spanish and main religion is Christian Catholicism

IT USED TO BE A VERY DANGEROUS COUNTRY in the 80s and 90s when Pablo Escobar was around, but not anymore. Countries like Mexico and Brazil are now more dangerous.
Colombia has the most species of birds than anywhere else in the world.
by checkm8in2 April 13, 2019
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Please read this....I hate to make this look like a chatroom because of my response to the heat I've been receiving (I guess I deserve it as well), but I figured I just HAVE to respond, and thus let people know what I truly am.

To start with, I am sorry for my opinionism intruding when I was defining Colombia. By nature, Colombia is a beautiful country. Latin countries are beautiful generally. What I like about Colombia is their coffee, which is the finest in the world.
I am sorry that I said it's "the most dangerous country in the world". Iraq really is, but that's because it's under anarchy. I only said it was dangerous because of what it's going through, and that for Americans it's dangerous. The truth is, I only know what I hear & read about Colombia. What makes Colombia so dangerous is that the FARC has waged a decades-long war with the current government, and I heard about how American tourists are "held for ransom". The truth to this is that there are said to be bounties placed on American tourists, possibly by the FARC....and the rewards are high. I have noticed that there are lots of places in Colombia that are actually impoverished, and it is understandable that one would do anything for money, especially if they have a dying family. I just don't believe that Americans should be thee target to kill. I personally am fed up with how Americans are bashed left and right, and in essence, the reason they are hated and despised is because they exist.


If the FARC can be dealt with, Colombia would be a much safer country. The reason the US doesn't help is because we believe in freedom, and even privacy. Therefore we don't barge into a country without proper negotiations. America is NOT an empire like everyone loves to think nowadays.

So I thought I'd clear this up. Once again, I am sorry. And also once again : I DON'T HATE COLOMBIA (I love their coffee, and I'm certain that, like in other latin countries, their women are beautiful, but then again I am a lady-lover). You guys may hate me, but I don't hate you.
"If you don't want to accept my apologies, that's OK too. But take my advice : if you stoop to hatred, then you're no different from those who hate you & your country."
by Dave July 06, 2004
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I'm absolutely disgusted by some of the lies that have been posted on here. I can understand people praising Colombia, but why lie? That's what I don't understand. Norak claims drugs aren't as available as in 1st world nations, yet strangely journalists who go to the city slums ALWAYS report people out of their heads on basuco, crack, blow or cocaine.

Why is it whenever I see the barrios of say, Medellin on some documentary (which isn't very often believe me), people are snorting or smoking stuff like it's going out of fashion? Very strange. Almost as if there's a cover up. I read on a website a while back that some Colombians are in denial about this. They'll angrily deny there's a drug addict problem to your face while getting high on a joint. That's not me saying that it's someone else.

Another fib Norak told was crime is mainly in rural areas when most murders are in urban, and most of it is by common criminals. Bogota is actually MORE dangerous than most cities of it's size too. Not sure what he/she was going on about there.

Which brings me on to another liar - J.B. again. He's another who talks as if Colombia's on the news all the time. Where on EARTH do people get this from?? Do a Google search on murder rate with the US then compare with Colombia and see how many results come up. In other words, don't pretend Colombia's violence is some well known phenomenon because it isn't.

J.B. also lied about Colombia being safer than South Africa and Venezuela. Brazil I'd agree with, but the year prior to J.B.'s definition (2003) Colombia certainly was NOT safer than South Africa and Venezuela. Why did he say it? You tell me.

Now let's look at his ridiculous argument about Washington being more dangerous than Bogota, we'll use 2003 stats again. How BIG is Washington compared to the Colombian capital, particularly the figure he's using? 44 per 100,000 for a city of half a million people compared to Bogota's 23 per 100k amidst SEVEN MILLION, yet if we use the ENTIRE metropolitan area of D.C. (five million) the rate goes down to 9 per 100,000.

I'll go further. If we compare the Bogota suburb of Soacha (300,000+) to the core city of Washington, it's murder rate is HIGHER at 47 per 100,000. These are far more like for like comparisons. You see where this is going? It's crafty and I see it all the time, let's compare apples with apples.

Yes, Bogota is much, MUCH safer than it was in the early 90's, but I think a city of seven million that still had 1,372 murders in 2006 would only be considered safe by idiots. Don't get me STARTED on the brutally violent cities in the Valle del Cauca province!

Dave, just ignore these politically correct arse-kissers. I'm interested in facts and I hope people rate me on my content, not my shitty attitude. Thank you and for the record, Colombia is MUCH safer since Uribe became president...but STILL a violent place, so keep your wits about you.
Fact: Most murders in Colombia are in urban areas, and in an average year, 75% of all murders are committed by common criminals.
by Two-headed leg December 25, 2007
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A bunch of Puntas that tried to copy the Ecuadorian flag but no one in the entire shit-hole could replicate the intricate logo in the middle.
"Wow, all my loved ones died and I lost all my worldly possessions along with my arms, legs, and dick"

"At least your not from Colombia"

"Very True."
by ecuadorians fuckin rule April 30, 2008
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The best girl on the planet , she is gorgeous,cute and just a wonderfull person . She is normally a shy and a quiet girl but if she opens up to you , you´re in luck . Be sure to treat her right and don´t be a bad friend to her , she has probably been hurt in the past already so don´t be a jerk to her . She is the most precious hooman , she can always brighten your day even if she doesn´t say anything . She is kind and selfless , she will stick with you no matter what, she will always accept you for who you are. She is probably really insecure about her body but we all know she is beautiful so make sure you tell her <3
I just made a friend, her name is Colombia , she is AMAZING!! <3
via giphy
by king explosion murderer May 06, 2020
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