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grand and absurd revelry, often relating to a ridiculous string of events following drunken mayhem.

The term derivates from a night in a small Ohio town, when
a hayride full of drunk people stopped in a central parking lot. Everyone on the hayride was shouting "hayride!" Several dozen drunk and high students ran toward the hayride and hopped on. The students soon discovered that the driver of the hayride was a retiredpolice officer of 28 year who had recently left the force. On the hayride,an elderly lady offered some of the passengers beer. The hayride proceeded down mainstreet, where everyone waved bottles in the air and screamed, "College! Hayride! College Hayride!" The hayride ended at the retired police officer's house, where all the passengers where invited inside for more booze and halloween snacks.

For all the unexpected goodness in ohio! and in oberlin and else where- COLLEGE HAYRIDE!
I blew some adderoll & wrote 50 pages on Lyndon B Johnson -- it was a real college hayride!
by evanl December 07, 2006
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