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A kid from Kansas, belong side of him is his best friend sam golbach . They both started off as viners and progressed to be YouTubers

Kind hearted, funny, nice, blue eye kid, better than Jake paul
Friend 1 : hey you know Colby Brock
Friend 2: yeah he's better than Jake paul
by Fandom_of... October 01, 2017
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Hottest boy you will ever see. Has a not only perfect body but perfect face and perfect eyes. His personality is beautiful and pure. Why can't every boy be like Colby Brock.
Person 1: He is the hottest person in the history of people
Person 2: Are you talking about Colby Brock
by ColbyBrock_fan May 22, 2018
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Colby Brock is the hottest person you will ever see, not only does he look perfect but his personality is too. He is kind and loves everyone equally
Friend 1 he is the hottest and nicest person ever

Friend 2: are you talking about Colby Brock
by FlawlessBrock August 01, 2018
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Colby Brock is the hot YouTuber and former vines that the girls go nuts over. His ocean eyes is what gets them the most. He’s kinda emo but he’s still hot. He explores abandoned places so he can impress your girl.
Girl 1: oh my god...Colby Brock is so hot.

Girl 2: I know! It’s so cute how he’s emo but still really hot.

Girl 3: I know. I would date him. Any girl who wouldn’t date him obviously doesn’t have a brain to think.
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by Heresarandomdefinition October 21, 2018
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Colby Brock is a 22 year old guy who was born on January 2, 1997 , His full name is Cole Robert Brock. Cole is a devious, funny, prankster with a good heart. His adventure buddy is Elyse shea who he says he's not "dating". His best friend is Brennen Taylor, and Sam Golbach. Cole Robert Brock also runs a clothing line called "take Chances" which you can find on Fanjoy. Colby is currently in a trap house with his buddies Sam/Corey/Devyn/Aaron/Jake, which they are sadly departing from each other sometime in February of 2019. Also Cole and Sam are Dads byeeee
Colby brock owns a clothing line called take chances
by TheAdventuresOfSamAndColby January 15, 2019
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