1. The tail of a Cock, or Rooster.
Ex: So I was running, trying to catch that chicken, and I grabbed its cocktail and it turned around and pecked me.
by Loria May 31, 2006
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when a man puts his erect penis between his legs "buffalo bill" style so that the penis is poking out the other side like a tail. One can shake it around like a tail or have their partner bend over and proceed to have sex butt to butt.
That chick is so kinky she let me give her the ol' cocktail.
by andyjdavis March 26, 2007
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when your erect dick (cock) is halfway in your sex partners anus there for looking like they have a cock for a tail
"when i walked in on u and that chick last night it looked like she had the biggest cocktail"
by Brandon Matte January 20, 2008
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Gay reference to anal sex after drinking. To put your cock in the tail. "Hey, lets go cocktail after the bar."
Hey, let's go to the bar and then cock tail later.

My asshole is so sore from cocktailing last night.
by MeliJ October 03, 2015
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A combination of drugs, usually three or more, for HIV treatment also known as HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy)
Debbie: So how long you've been positive, Ben?
Michael: Mother?
Debbie: Is just like to know.
Ben: That's ok. I'm fine with that. 5 years.
Debbie: What your T-Cell count?
Ben: Six hundred.
Debbie: Even been hospitalized?
Ben: No not yet. he knocks wood Not would.
Debbie: Viral load?
Ben: Undetectable.
Debbie: On the cocktail?
Ben: Anti-virals.
Michael: What the fuck you think you're doin'?
Debbie: This is the reality, sweetheart. And you're just gonna have to live with it.
by Virg1l July 30, 2009
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Drinks made for the feminine kind and should not be consumed by guys or they will be - just like creatures that do not resemble anything on Earth so we call them, creatures of the 3rd kind.

Cocktails are restricted to only females to consume whom randy males will find attractive because they are sexy and drinking a coctail in a very suggestive "V" shaped glass.
wingman: she looks hot drinking that drink, for some reason I want her....
me: that's the power of the female form drinking cocktails from a very suggestive V shaped glass
by He was born that way June 13, 2011
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