a punch to the male genitalia delivered by someone with a cockney accent. Usually preformed when you are loosing a fight and in a act of desperation. The fist should be balled up with the middle fingers knuckle slight more foreward the usual. Dont worry abotu hurting your hand, you are punching something relativley soft.
Why i oughta give him the old cockney cock punch!
by Matt Abrams January 02, 2008
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A dialect replacing numerous words with phrases that rhyme with the desired outcome, e.g. Dog and Bone = Phone, Trouble and Strife = Wife, Horse and Carriage = Marrage.
Stems from an area in London.
See Also: rhyming slang
Anyway, I was going off to my Pope in Rome, when the old Trouble and Strife's only gone and left the Horse and Carriage and Cat and Mouse and left me a message next to the Dog and Bone on an Alexander the Great up the Apples and Pairs. She's gone of with another fella with a lot of Poppy Red. Made me so Hit List, you know? So I gos and gets meself a Pigs Ear. Not bothered really, just she dragged her huge Kingdom Come off with my Sue Rider!
by regs_ October 28, 2004
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A dialect originating in East London which involves substituting short phrases for words. The phrases rhyme with the word that they replace.
"So unless we intend to do this job in Reno, we're in barney...
Barney Rubble...

-Don Cheadle as Basher in Ocean's Eleven

No one gets his Cockney Rhyming Slang but him.
by VooDooXII August 26, 2006
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cockney rhyming slang originates in east london but is spoken all over east anglia. it ussualy consists of two words the second rhyming with the word your refuring too although you normally say the first word of the two
e.g. shut your BOAT (boat beaning boat race rhyming with face)
bread and honey=money (give us some bread for the pictures)

rasberry ripple=cripple ( couldnt fit into that car space si i have to use the rasberry ones)

struggle and grunt=cunt ( you fuckiong what mate watta struggle)

apples and pears-stairs (youve been a naughty boy get up those apples and pears)
these are all comman examples of cockney rhyming slang
by olliewesty January 25, 2006
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A cockney Is Somebody From East London, Although people from Other Southern Cities Such As Portsmouth Are Also Occasionally Called cockneys Due To Having A Similar dialect.
Did You see That Southern Cockney the other day?
by John Allen South Coast October 21, 2019
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Discription of individuals who come from a Greater London but insisted in glory hunting and support Manchester United from the comfort of their own armchair. These individuals are usually born between 1980 and 1999.
Oh look, there's another Cockney Red, glory hunting child bastard
by footybants April 23, 2019
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One who puts on a fake London accent and adopts dialectical features which do not suit his/her own personality. Ultimately resulting in looking like a jeb end.
That Danny is a right plastic cockney I bet he was born in fucking Buckingham
by Rascal Mondays July 25, 2015
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