The Hitcher from the Mighty Boosh Episode Eight, Season One called "the Hitcher " Episode Four, Season Two called "the Fountain of Youth" Episode Six of the second season called "the Nightmare of Milky Joe" as a coconut and in Season three in an episode called "Eels" where he sings the song about Eels. He also appears in the Mighty Boosh Live DVD from 2006.

The Hitcher is an old cockney man with long grey hair, green skin, a large polo mint over his left eye, a top hat and black and red clothing. He is evil, threatening to kill Howard and Vince whenever he meets them, and killing the whole cast in the stage show. His name is Baboo Yagu, but he is almost always referred to as The Hitcher. He is also a proponent of jazz fusion, especially proficient on the bass guitar.

The Hitcher has a confused history, he states in The Hitcher that as a child his parents were ashamed of his small thumb (prompting him to seek out the Hornet Shaman). However, in Eels he reveals that Elsie, proprietor of the Pie and Mash Shop, gave him free eels "on account of him being an orphan n' that"
Trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob
Have a cup of tea...have a cup of tea
I'm the hitcher
Let me put you in the picture
Creeping in your room in the dead of night
With me solo polo vision

I'm a cockney me bleed ya,
I knew the ripper, when he was just a nipper,I taught him how to slice
I cut him up a treat.

Pound your banana (two pound your pear)
Pound your banana (two pound your pear)
Pound your banana (two pound your pear)
14 shillings for your melons...oh yeah

(Were the piper twins, little Jim and Jackie Piper
cutting through the night like a windscreen
wiping you away like rain drops
dont mess with the boys)

Shut your noise!

Coming in strong like a freakshow nightmare
Dancing skeletons - white, blue and yellarins
Moving through the shadows with the speed of a cat
And if you cross us we'll cut ya
And you ain't gonna like that...

I'm bad juju
I use voodoo if I choose to
I harness the forces of evil to abuse you
With power, a polo, an evil magnet
Sucking up your soul
And you ain't gonna like that.
by Effy Noir September 11, 2009
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A person from East London - definitely not one of those ponces from North or West London who drink wine instead of beer and spend all day talking about their houses.
A real Cockney is someone that all the manc, scouser, geordie and mackem hardmen really want to be but won't admit to. Not only is the Cockney smarter and more
cunning than the northerner, but he (or she) is better looking, sharper dressed, and a much better street fighter. Come down to Upton Park and try West Ham if you think otherwise.
And look, we can spell too!
The typical northern master criminal is someone who thieves car radios, goes shoplifting or robs seven-year old kids at knifepoint. That's about their limit. A good old Cockney blag, on the other hand, involves robbing millions of quid from banks, trains and bullion warehouses. Different league.
So to sum up: the cockney is better looking, better dressed, a better fighter, more intelligent and better in bed than the northerner.
That's why they hate us.
Cockney to geordie: ere - you a faackin norverner?
You're faackin ded sun.

Cockney to Cockney: let's git darn sarf o' the river an giv them faackin Millwall cants a ruckin.
by mickthefish December 09, 2009
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An accent that people speak in London that most people can not understand. It is not just east London that speaks in a cockeny accent, it just originated there. Through the years it has spread through london so North, South, East, West and Central have picked up the accent. Even people who do not live in London have the accent.
by Unknown123233 March 10, 2009
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What Man City fans call Man United fans due to the amount of Man United fans in London.
Falin' Cockneys. Just because you like New Order don't mean you should be a rag.
by Desigol December 06, 2005
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When you have been speaking to much cockney and it does your neck in.
Nick: "do you have any idea why jack is wearing that ridiculous neck brace?"

Jane: "the doctor said he has to wear it after his trip to croydon. He's got a nasty case of cockney neck."
by roflmaonaze May 05, 2010
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Someone from London, usually second hand car salesmen, who read the sun newspaper, call all women " dawlin' " (trans: darling) and general ponce about the place like they are something special.
Cor Blimey Guvnah, I'm a cockney wanker, and no mistake!
by Mike Read July 27, 2003
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Person of London-sounding accent
"Oi, wainkah, wheres me fackin jellied eels"

"knees ap mavva braaan"
by Stevie October 16, 2003
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