a person who stops you from fucking this fine ass bitch. spamfiles.net shouts ya heard me!
matt cock blocks smoky from phrea .
by smoky January 01, 2004
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one who blocks other guys cocks when trying to insert in vagina, or mouth of woman.
by Wages March 04, 2008
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cock·block·er kok blókr (plural cock·block·ers) noun - Pre-12th century. Origin uncertain, probably from medieval Latin coccus·blake cockblocker; a cockblocker; to block/blocked his/her/it's cock in say; person tries to stick his/her/it's cock into something to prove authority, where as he gets cut off by someone; conclusion; being cockblocked and becomming property of the person he/she/it is being cockblock by.
by poQ May 22, 2003
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A male not allowing another male get some...( hitting a home run)

Lana: hey Clark, wanna come over my house today?

Clark: sure

Lex: dude,you can't go. We have B-ball practice today.

Clark: oh yeah that's right.

*moments later after Lana leaves*

Clark: Lex what's your problem?....you're such a COCK BLOCKER!
by D.L.R. 91 March 01, 2008
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someone who literally blocks a cock.
some guy rips off his own cock and then tries to shoot it in the basket. His friend then blocks it from going in.

"ahh dude I almost got it in the basket for a score! You're such a cock blocker!"
by waterboy141 September 04, 2009
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a person who truly stops at nothing to prevent another (usually a male) from getting any type of burn.
when sean saw that mahsul was getting too much burn he initiated the cock blocker 3000 (a.k.a Max) who then approched Mahsul and asked him for the hw... while he got it from his bag max began talking to the girl.... max then left with mahsuls hw, his girl, and his dignity.... the encounter ended with mahsul calling max a cock blocker.
by Firekrotch September 27, 2007
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A cock Blocker is a person close to you or of just general aquaintence who prides him or herself in screwing up your chances of getting a sexy time with a girl you're trying to get with. He or she does this by saying wildly innappropriate things about you or your potential sex partener. Or by just making the situation awkward by doing something stupid to either or both people. This block's the boy's cock from getting in a girls's smock.
1."dude, did your friend just slap my ass?"

"he's not my friend anymore (goddamn cock blocker!)"

2. jack is cuddling with jill and jimmy comes around the corner. jimmy says as he passes by: "hey jack, how's your aids?" jill says: "you have aids? maybe we shouldn't do this" jack says "ima kill that sonofabitch"
by Your MOMMA said im hot September 08, 2010
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