A hot girl's ugly friend who has a chip on their shoulder about no one hitting on them, so they do everything in their power to stop their friend being nailed. also the friend might not want to leave them alone. female cock blockers can however be countered by "taking one for the team" this activity involves your friend drawing a short straw and having to go off with the cock blocker so that your path is clear
"damn, this bitch is cock blocking me at every turn, tim can you take one for the team?"
"I'll take down that cock blocker, now run free unhindered my freind, go deep!"
by I aint leavin no name August 29, 2008
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An individual that prevents someone from hooking up intentionally or unintentionally.
Paul is a total cock blocker. That guy is like a giant cock blocking robot developed in a secret fucking government lab. I was about to hook up with Lily and he ruined all my hard work.
by Lightweight Nate October 11, 2009
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people who interfere with a person's ability to get laid.
can be used for women and men.
Why are these whores being such cockblockers! I saw him first!
by twouptwodown December 17, 2008
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when the male is prevented from getting punani due to a third wheel
Meg and Sean was about to get freaky till Missys cock blcoking ass jumped in
by monet July 14, 2004
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Anyone who prevents a male from having sexual intercourse with an another for various reasons.
He followed them home to cockblock his friend from having sex.
by B-Unit December 08, 2003
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