Coach Zee didn't know where Homestar's hat was.
by GastonRabbit July 24, 2003
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the rapping coach of homestar runner who wheres a green suit with handys and footys and a rappers neck lace that is a gold "Z". he is famous for is missuse of the word job and his hit single "These Peoples Try to Fade Me".
"Coach Zee has been drinking Listerene
by coachzee1212 December 17, 2003
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A coach of an unknown sport. Someone with a wierd accent that keeps him from saying the word "job". A wannabe rapper who only has one hit single, "These people tried to fade me". Someone who gives advice through sports play.
'Girls are like a great sports play, you can't just rush into the score zone...'
by danny December 4, 2003
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