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Houston, TX (nickname for the city of Houston created after the Houston Rockets 1st NBA championship where the Rockets put up a clutch performance coming from behind in clutch situations to win. The moniker was based on the Houston Chronicle's headline, Choke City, which was printed weeks earlier after the Astros and Rockets played poorly in clutch situations.)
We're driving to Clutch City this weekend to see the Rockets play the Spurs this weekend.
by E.Mac September 09, 2016
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Clutch city is a nickname give to Houston, Texas by the NBA/ Houston Rockets after the 1994 playoffs where they had two consecutive 4th quarter leads.
Hey, did you see Harden clutch that three pointer last night?

Hell yeah! Clutch City man!
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by shoony August 16, 2016
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A term created (or not) by YouTuber Hispanic! At the Disco in 2016

Clutch City - When someone is doing really well in something, or doing really poorly.

Can also be used as a comment when someone does something at the last second to help with something. Or be used as sarcasm when someone is doing bad.

"Fucking 1 kill and 12 deaths? Clutch City bro, really carrying the team."


"Damn Son, fucking clutch city with that A- on the math test." -Non Sarcasm
Me:Damn my mom brought the Clutch to this city when she came home with food.
Boy: Clutch City huh?
Me: Ye
by DickChocolate16 July 05, 2016
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