A term referring to a clown (particularly cartoons) that look sexually appealing
That clown off of Ace Attorney bout to give me that clussy if ya know what I'm sayin 🤡🍆🍩
by Brits love their tea June 30, 2022
A severe, crippling illness with symptoms such as heart palpitations, unexplained erections, and uncontrollable cartoonish panting, brought on by extreme infatuation with sexy clown girls; originating from a viral 2022 Ace Attorney parody video by YouTube animator Speedoru.
Peyton and Chris were overtaken by the thralls of clussy fever upon googling “clown girl hentai”, and were bedridden for months.
by Captain_atomix June 28, 2022
The clussy is a common concept of stupidity, one misunderstanding the clitoris for the walls of the vagina - the common denying of human anatomy, and ignorance of it. The clussy is formally introduced by those who do not know of the female body and how the sexual organ of the female, known as the vagina is properly presented when it comes to intimate interactions in the bedroom.
Viri proceeded to pound the walls of my clussy, until I clussied.
by Jimmy&Frank October 19, 2018
A newly discovered type of fever that causes the victims to have a attraction to clowns mostly towards feminine ones due to the amygdalae responses to the brain very unnatural, giving affection (romantic and/or sexually) to female clowns from the their normal stereotype
“I noticed that the woopie cushions I use in my routine have goon missing…”
“Awooga!” (Clear sign of the clussy fever)
“I’ve got a bad case clussy-fever, and I wanna make Woopee on her cushions”
“I order Ms. Tornado to put her butt, her whole butt, and nothing but her butt on my face.”
by Voidako Limbodagan July 4, 2022
That girls clussy was bomb diggity swag. Trust me i'd sign a mortgage for it!
by Dirtworks September 22, 2020
The most sought after thing in the universe, the hunt for it has been going on for centuries, for it is fabled to be the greatest thing in the multiverse.
Indiana Jones: i'm on a clussy fever rn fr fr.

everyone else: same.
by Jonathon Davis from KoRn November 4, 2022