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When the the line at Chik-fil-A wraps around the building and someone refuses to yield to the drive-thru exit.
I was in the line at Chik-fil-A this morning and someone blocked the drive-thru exit causing a real clucker fuck because the drive-thru couldn't exit and so we were all stuck for like ten minutes waiting for this moron to move out of the way.
by southernsister June 13, 2018
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To have sexual relations with a person on a bed of chicken tenders. Preferably while one or both parties are covered in some type of dipping sauce.
Austin just got done cluckerfucking that girl with a very feminine name. I couldn't tell from afar, but it appeared she was covered in hot sauce at the beginning, and ranch dressing at the end.
by Clucker Pucker March 29, 2015
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