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The act of constantly checking for an item (usually a clothing item) either online or in stores in waiting for it to go on sale.

People guilty of clothes stalking can be found jotting down the item number for the item to be "stalked" and keeping the product number (in their phone, blackberry, notepad etc) for future reference. They may be seen calling customer service, checking in with the store, and then calling up other stores in your state/out of state periodically to ask about product #: xxxxx to check on the current price of the item they are trying to stalk (in hopes that the product has been marked down.)
As soon as Jacqueline saw those 6 inch satin pumps from bebe she knew she just had to have them! However she wasn't willing to pay $200 for them. She clothes stalked the shoes every other day for two months waiting for it to go on sale, and when it finally was 60% off she bought them!

Amy wanted that black dress in the window display of Macy's but after she saw the price tag she decided that $80 wasn't worth it. "I think I'll just clothes stalk this dress whenever I happen to pass Macy's... If it goes down to $30 I guess I'll buy it!"

Heather was such a cheapskate, she never paid retail, and always only bought from clearance. Because she always waited so long for something to go on clearance, many styles would always sell out due to her excessive clothes stalking habits.
by MzMadh July 13, 2010
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