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to go through your closet looking for clothes you forgot you owned. sometimes happens when you're short of cash, sometimes happens when you lose weight and discover a bunch of clothes that fit once again.
hey, cute jacket. where'd you get it?

i went closet shopping. i haven't worn it in years.

i don't remember it. looks great!

by jonnyss August 20, 2010
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1. To look through your closet and discover articles of clothing you:
a. Forgot you bought/owned.
b. Haven't worn in a while.
c. Have been saving for when you can finally fit into them again.

2. To go through all the clothing you own and put together new outfit combinations that you never thought of before.
a. "Oh wow, I bought that top months ago and never wore it! Closet shopping is awesome!"
b. "I think the last time I wore this dress was when I went on that blind date in February. The date was shit, but damn did I look good."
c. "Holy fuck, these were the jeans I wore almost every day in high school. I don't remember why I kept them all this time. Oh yeah, that's right, I lost my virginity wearing these. Sweet."

2. "Why didn't I ever think of wearing this striped sweater vest with my plaid shirt? Bet I'll get ALL the drunk hipster chicks now."
by An Asian Girl December 07, 2011
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