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A person that is afraid to come out of the closet b/c they might get cut out from their family's wealth or they might be killed due to being gay.
Bret: Whats the deal with that Frankie Fernandez kid?
Peter: idk he's rich as hell and he dresses like a fuckin homo.
Taylor: He's a closet jew, hes afraid that his parents will cut him off.
by Poopstain6971 May 01, 2008
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A person who hides their jewish heritage to be accepted in society. Also known as a: Crypto Jew

Note: This can also be used by someone who wants to be jewish, but is afraid of rejection in society.
I could be considered a closet jew, because I want to be jewish, but I'm afraid of being rejected by my family and friends.
by Yerushalauim BatSheva November 27, 2010
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