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The policy wherein the occupants of an office or room keep the door closed so as to limit the amount of annoying intrusions, which may consist of people wandering in or simply the to shut out the annoying noises that are made in the hall.
"Zach and Evan have a closed door policy after that girl came in and would not shut up."
"Dude, shut the door, closed-door policy!"
by page hall regulator January 12, 2010
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1 Slang in a corporate environment where feedback and open communication from cubicle monkeys is strongly discouraged. Opposite of Open Door Policy.

2 Sarcastic term used to mock an organization's Open Door Policy double speak, when their Open Door Policy is just meaningless tripe and lip service.
I thought of a great way to save the company some money, but our manager's Closed Door Policy ensures that will never happen... she thinks ideas from the cubicle farm are a waste of her precious time. I feel like such a tool.
by Security Wonk July 18, 2008
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