Expression used when someone got so close to accomplish something... but didn't really accomplish it.

Let's say you think of a number from 1 to 100 and ask someone to guess that number... You thought of 83 but the other person says 84... And then you say "Close, but no cigar".

This expression comes from a Golf tradition... If you're playing golf with your friends and instead of working the ball into the hole with a few drives you make it in a single play... you're friends are supposed to buy you a cigar after the game...
- Guess who I took for dinner last night?
+ My sister?
- Close, but no cigar.
+ Who then?
- Your Mama.
by birk123 June 7, 2007
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When you come close to something but don't quite get there.

Just short of success

This phrase originated in the 1920's. Fair grounds would give cigars away as prizes. Prizes were more aimed at the adults then vs. children like they are now. The fair workers would shout out "close but no cigar".... The first written documentation of this word appeared in the 1930's and then became a common phrase.
You finish second in a race
A friend asks how you did
You tell them "I finished in second place, close but no cigar"
by BBJ24 June 5, 2015
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It means that your incredibly close to doing something incredible, but ya failed! so, you’re close but...
No cigar!
Macy: Hey, i almost won the presidential election, but this twat named Jack did.
Blaire: Well, *chuckles* you’re close but no cigar.
by history fan, lmao November 28, 2020
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In the 19 century cigars were given as prizes at county fairs. If you didn’t win they would shout. “Close but no cigar!”
I came in second place. Close but no cigar.
by Mzbinks October 12, 2018
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