An owner or author of a website or blog, who publishes sensational and/or controversial commentary or opinion (often speaking as a proposed authority on the subject) which results in a large amount of traffic to the site. Often seen in regards to grammar, etiquette or language.
He is such a click whore for those things he posted about when it is appropriate to use a salad fork.
by 22Conrad April 23, 2012
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An owner of a lame website or blog, who spams internet message boards with bogus conversations among his many IDs. The goal is to give the impression that the initial message contains something of considerable interest to a number of people. That initial message invariably contains a link to said lame website or blog, to which the click whore is attempting to draw attention and internet traffic.
"These same nine IDs keep showing up in the same conversation on twenty different message boards. That "hot_stocks" blogger really is a click whore."
by SpamCanner November 24, 2009
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