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A three-syllable term used to describe females living in Cleveland,OH with certain traits.

These traits include "Thirst-Trapping" via social media,then calling the trap victims thirsty. Paternity trapping,then calling the fathers dead beats,while living off of child support or a county check,Section 8,Food Stamps,specialized welfare programs and their 20-30hr per week,minimum wage - 10/hr job ,all while claiming to be "independent". Most of these females view an STNA certificate as a degree as well. You can usually spot them by tax time balling,where they either buy a used car that lasts all of 6 months or a new car with a note they can only afford for three months,before it's repossessed,buy themselves multiple bundles of weave,outfits and shoes,pay for their "Vegas girls trip" while only buyung their children 2 outfits and either spiderman or frozen shoes depending on the gender. They are also prone to telling every new man they sleep with that they haven't had sex in three months,they have most likely had sex with one or more of your friends,and are card-carrying clinic members who regularly have to take antibiotics for STDs. They are never truthful about who they are sleeping with,how many men they are sleeping with,and the ones they do usually claim are ones they say have "swag" and are on the DL. They are also prone to putting you in jail,then hashtagging "free (your name)" as if they weren't responsible.
by Dub-X Tha General January 30, 2017
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Cleveland Hoes Are Bitches Who Try Blame Everybody Else For They Problem And Issues And Are Not To Be Trusted Under Any Circumstance. They Often Bounce Around Different Hoods To Make Seem Like They Good Girls And Not Hoes But Most Will Fuck Niggas From The Same Hood And Try To Keep It Discrete UTW, DTW, And EC Has The Worst Population Of These "Women" They Also Have Tendencies To Fake Prenancies And Also Have Friends That Will Aid Them In There Endeavors To Trick The Average Cleveland Man. The Description Of A Cleveland Hoe Varys There Very Good At Hiding There Hoe And Unloyal Ways And Seeming Like The Victim. They Will Have Funny Types Of Colored Hair , Sew Ins ,Say They Wanna Be Nurses , Say They Have Trust Issues , Always Go To Bars And Clubs , Never Have There Children, Where Leggings, Hoodies, Have Over Thousands Of Followers On Social Media, Tell All There Friends There Buisness, Pretend To Be Gay, Watch Love And Hip Hop, And Similar Reality Shows And Will Play Games Beyond Understandment For There Simple Amusement. Cleveland Men With The Most Money And Polish Are More At Risk To Being Exposed To This Type Of "Woman" Even The Lames Have A Chance Of Exposure Due To The Low Standard Of The Cleveland Hoe. There Not Even Loyal To There Own Kind They Will Also Betray There Hoe Friends, Get Them Jumped, Steal From Each Other, Fuck Each Others Boyfriend, And Even Tell There Own Buisness Dealing With The Hoe Is At Your Own Risk Since There Not Subject To Change
Cleveland Hoes Ain't Shit
by UTW Ez December 19, 2016
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