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to claim punk is to claim to be a part of the punk lifestyle because of x, y, x reasons

x, y, and z tend to be justifications based on style or external perception of their person, rather than their upholding the values of a punk lifestyle in action and solidarity (the values of punk being free-speech, self-expression, rebellion against oppressive and exclusive social systems)
"So you saw him purposefully ignore an act of injustice being committed against someone of a systemically oppressed identity?"

"Yeah, but then he showed me his r/joydivison posts, so he can claim punk."

"Didn't he argue in favor of hate speech based on the free market of ideas theory? He told me he thought every idea needed to be discussed and given space for discussion."
"Well, he's wrong about that. But, when he isn't arguing for arguments' sake, he plays in a sick band."
"Oh right, that pit was insane. He claims punk for sure."
by cap hill cutie May 03, 2018
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