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Greatly accelerating movement for a more civil society. The movement is for democratic solutions that involve the public at large and not through special interest groups solutions that have only perpetuated violence. They are for providing more public health to assure mental fitness. And they are against increasing the more violent types of methods and technologies that have only accentuated the problem of violence. While the issue of violence has always been debated and discussed through democratic means it has not always gotten very far with regards to effective public policy. After repeated police killings, street violence, massacres in schools and public places the youth have taken charge and started to effectively lead on this issue of a more civil life democracy free of violence.
The Civil Life Movement has lingered through the ages, making incremental progress on major issues, such as human rights, civil rights, and minority rights. However, it has also neglected some of the most fundamental issues, such as the right to be free of violence and violent methods of dispute resolution. After repeated failures to keep massacres and even domestic violence under control, the youth have organized Enough Rallies to focus on effective and human policies to reduce violence, and to solve problems democratically as a people instead of leaving it to special interest groups.
by mlhiss May 18, 2018
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