when a group of males all stand in a circle and everyone jerks the person os either the right or the left of them.
"Hey, are you guys up for a circle jerk, lets all go right."
"Ok, but I well have to stand out, I'm left handed"
by nick September 07, 2004
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A group discussion involving management types who lack any real substantive knowledge of the topic at hand. The outcome of which is a decision that adversely affects those who are actually tasked to do the work. A circle jerk is almost always followed by a clusterfuck.
Because management got together and decided this in a circle jerk, I'm left to deal with this clusterfuck.
by Thomas Joseph May 13, 2005
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When a group of males stand in a circle and all masturbate towards the center. Also known as C.J.
Hey, Bill, you down with having a circle jerk tonight?
by Karl T September 26, 2005
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the particpipants of a circle jerk

also a great punk band
those guys are a bunch of circle jerks. lets get out of here before they start wacking each other off.
by master finger blaster October 09, 2004
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How they had fun back in the innocent fifties.
John: You goin' cow-tippin' tonight?
Joe: No, we done did that last night. Come on over for a circle jerk at 7:00. We have a picture of Suzy in a yellow polka-dot bikini.
John: I hope we don't get no spots on her.
by Wanna C. Mine May 10, 2003
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Circle jerk means when a group of people are set out to do something but instead bullshit and waste time sitting or standing around. It can also mean a group a guys standing around jerking off.
I told you guys to clean up the building, but instead I walk in on this circle jerk.
by Aaron September 29, 2004
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A webmaster lingo for a website that redirects traffic from one website to a circle of websites, to "jerk" or otherwise pester the surfer to eventually purchase something due to frustration of being redirected from page to page that lacks content. Porn TGP are commonly known to employ circle jerk tactics.
Google "TGP porn" and see how hard it is to get to the page you really want. Few TGP are legitimate like thehun that don't have circle jerk scripts.
by flashbang65535 October 25, 2006
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