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A sexual position. The man lies on his back and point his erect penis straight up, perpendicular to his body. The woman then does the splits and lowers her vagina onto the penis. While the woman maintains the splits on the man's penis, the male spins the woman's legs in a circle, moving her legs in a helicopter-like motion.
How was it last night?
It was great! She made eight whole 360 rotations with the cinnamon twist!
by Hillary Clinton's mom April 14, 2015
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It is like the shocker but with a mix, it exactly the same procedure (two in the pink one in the stink) but you cross your pointer and index finger before inserting them into the "pink"
I thought the shocker was good but the cinnamon twist was amazing!

Man she got so tired of the shocker so I made up the cinnamon twist.
by Kelsey Kennedy-LeBlanc January 04, 2006
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The act of jizzing in someone's butthole and coating the jizz in cinnamon sugar. The man proceeds to use his tongue in a corkscrew motion, creating a jizz/cinnamon twist concoction.
I found a way to bring my love of cinnamon into the bedroom. It's called the Cinnamon Twist. (Definition above)
by Jizzem McGinty October 30, 2013
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1. A delicious yet unwholesome product sold at Taco Bell.

2. A form of sex rated 8 on the kinky scale, where a woman spreads cinnamon on her stomach. She would then give a man a handjob, forcing him to ejaculate on the woman's stomach so that the semen mixes with the cinnamon. The women would then enjoy a wholesome snack as she sucked up the mixture, preferably with a bendy straw.
1. Dave: Wanna go to Taco Bell?

Cheryl: Yeah, I love their cinnamon twists!

2. Dave: Let's do some hardcore swallowing.

Cheryl: How about we just have a cinnamon twist instead?

It tastes much better.
by Brenener June 24, 2011
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