Someone who can consume vast amount of ciggaretts while intoxicated.
Ciggie Niggie: Yo! Check this shit out. I'mma drag the whole thing yo!
Govi: Safe!!!
by Respect_666 November 16, 2006
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Ciggy Butt Brain is when you have been abusing the dangerous effects of nicotine for too long and literally have cigarette filters in your head.
Darren "You got ciggy butt brain, that's all that they're gonna call you mate; ciggy butt brain"
Damo "Nuh uh unah nah mate....."
Darren "Cause you fuckin been scoffin away on them ciggies all day. All day all night ciggies."
by ashtray111 February 18, 2014
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A derogatory slang term for someone who consumes a large amount of cigarettes.
What's going on in your brain, man? You've got nothing but cigarette butts in there now. People are gonna call you 'ciggy butt brain'.
by Durrie Darren February 20, 2014
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A lighter that projects a cone shaped flame anywhere between a half inch to one foot.
You: Let me see that ciggy saber, i'm havin' a nic fit.
Your friend: Don't burn your face off.
by Johnpearl February 26, 2006
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a term used after flipping light switches
to want a ciggarette
to want a drayyyyyyyyaaaugggggggggg
can i get a ciggie for my wiggie?
by mickeyd539 May 13, 2006
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