the band whose demographic includes, but is not limited to;
- closet bisexuals
- music snobs who think they're better than everyone else (and they'd be correct)
- people who cry an unhealthy amount
- women who nap everyday
"hey where's elizabeth?"

"i don't know, probably locked in her room, getting high, flooding her room with tears then having a fat nap. after all, she DOES listen to cigarettes after sex"
by belle1024 May 20, 2021
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usually a hopeless romantic that dreams of having a soulmate and or got hurt by their ex. Seeking comfort and nostalgia of memories they once had from a previous relationship through the lyrics.
Where's Chris?

Oh you know, he's a cigarettes after sex fan so most likely in his room napping to them.
by Mremt June 4, 2022
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