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This is an emporium founded by Ciaran Gray.
at this emporium you can buy a wide variety of teens, tight teens, loose teens, hot teens, gay teens, Japanese import teens, apple teenies and even pre-teens.
"dude i need to go to ciarans teen emporium"
"mine has gone saggy like sleeve of wizard's robe"
"what kind ya gunna get?"
"oh i might go for the MC Scat!"
"whats that"
"its a cross breed between a pre-teen and a

Japanese import teen with a touch of the mc gagger"
"wow can i have a go when you get it?"
"well i get 50% of all teens if i buy the MC Scat, so ill get you the tight tiny teen bitch gagathon"
" ahhh thanks man"
by cayon grayoo May 20, 2009
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