Salman Is Chutiya Actor And Hijda Actor
Salman Ki Rand Aur Bhaitards is Lavde Ki Gand Chatte hai
by Sons Praroks November 12, 2020
Indian, specially Delhi NCR version of calling someone a dumbfuck.
by kachorichutney August 19, 2018
A nickname give to a tech support scumbag scammer which also comes handy to help raise there blood pressure !
Hi my name is mike I’m calling from ____ .. how can I _____ today

“Hello lil Chutiya!”
by 1Shot Duke October 14, 2018
Mobile chutiya is a person who uses mobiule phone while walking on the street.
Mobile chutiyas are many boys and gals, mostly big assholes use it while crossing the street or walking on the road unaware of the sticker making machines traversing through the roads.
by Discokhujli July 11, 2008
Rahul is a most chutiya person you will ever meet in life, try to stay away from him everytime, everywhere, too bad in a relationship, too bad in BED but a loyal friend who gets humiliated by his friends and loses everytime against Harsh and Varun
What a chutiya rahul you are
by Hey step son November 24, 2021
Something ridiculous, hard to believe or something which can never exist or happen
Bro 1:- bro fouzia thinks she's the perfect girl
Bro 2:- bro that's the most chutiya thing I've ever heard
by VirginMojitooo October 6, 2022
Also known affectionately as CR, he is a big fan of tea. Especially Iron Maiden tea that has Gong Dui in it. Also a big fan of Guru Ram Das citrus and interacting with small business owners
Yo! that tea has Gong Dui in it! Keep it safe or else Chutiya Ramu will drink it all
by ChutiyaRamu March 24, 2021